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Our 8 CSR commitments

1. We provide our customers and users with solutions that address the challenges of sustainable development in local communities.

2. Implement a biodiversity and low carbon strategy to conserve the planet.

3. We promote circular economy solutions to conserve natural resources.

4. We reduce the impact of our activities to increase acceptability.


5. Attract, develop and retain talent through managerial excellence.

6. We strengthen a culture of health and safety to protect.

7. We are building a responsible supply chain based on sustainable performance.

8. Strengthen an exemplary culture of ethics and compliance.

Mission Green: Planting trees for a healthier environment

In partnership with Niculițel Forestry, Sorocam had a beneficial initiative for the environment: the planting of 200 trees (willow, acacia and linden) along the access road from DN 22D to the Revărsarea quarry.
20 birch trees were also planted in the courtyard of the Popești Leordeni office.
Planting trees is an important initiative to protect the environment and improve our quality of life.

Safety - a priority for Sorocam

Improving the intersection of DN22 D and the road to the Overflow Quarry by constructing an acceleration lane, deceleration lane and left turn space has benefited both customers accessing the quarry and the local community.

These benefits include:
- Road safety: drivers can safely enter and exit the quarry, reducing the risk of road accidents.
- Traffic improvement: reduce traffic congestion in the area, reducing travel time and traffic pollution levels.

Partnership in support of sport

The partnership with the Association Club Sportiv Progresul Isaccea within the project "Supporting sport in Isaccea 2022-2023" represents our commitment to the local community and the development of sport in the region. We are aware of the importance of sport in personal development, health promotion and team building.

Through this partnership, we aim to inspire and mobilise the local community, encourage young people to get involved in sport and give them a positive outlook on life through sport. We are convinced that supporting AS Progresul Isaccea will bring joy and enthusiasm to all football lovers in Isaccea.

A practical project to educate young road engineers at the Technical University of Construction in Bucharest.

At the Technical University of Construction in Bucharest, young road engineers had the opportunity to develop their skills through a practical project to repair a damaged platform in the university yard.

The project was sponsored by Sorocam, which provided the materials needed for the repair: asphalt mix and EBCR60 fast-break cationic bitumen emulsion, as well as work protection equipment for the students. More than 50 students participated in the project, benefiting from the guidance of university professors.

The aim of the project was not only to provide students with a valuable hands-on training opportunity, but also to improve the university's infrastructure for the benefit of the entire academic community.