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Environmental management

Environmental management programmes

Sorocam is constantly striving to increase customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and high quality services. To this end, the company has established management programmes with clear objectives and targets, through which it aims to continuously improve its performance and adapt to market needs and requirements in an efficient and sustainable way.


- Continuous improvement of environmental performance and prevention of pollution and risks is a priority for Sorocam. To this end, the company has implemented numerous environmental protection programmes and measures, such as: monitoring emissions and immissions, detecting and eliminating emissions of dust and organic and inorganic compounds, and improving technologies and products to reduce environmental impact.

- Another priority is to cultivate a proactive mindset among Sorocam staff regarding environmental protection and occupational safety. The company promotes and supports training and education programs for all employees to develop an environmental and safety culture in the workplace.
- To ensure the best possible protection of the environment, Sorocam adopts clean technologies and implements pollution prevention measures in all areas of activity. The company also aims to become an eco-partner committed to protecting the lives and health of its employees and local communities.

- Sorocam assumes its responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of society and to protect the environment by applying best environmental practices and international standards.

Medium requirements

Sorocam constantly checks the requirements imposed by the environmental authorities by means of a self-monitoring system operating at all its work points.

- To ensure the safest and most environmentally friendly working environment, we constantly monitor vibration and noise levels during blasting. These measurements are carried out by companies authorised and certified for this purpose.
- In order to ensure the cleanest possible environment, we have made a number of improvements to the crushing-sorting facilities, such as the overturning of belts and the installation of wetting systems.

Asphalt Mix Plants and Bitumen Emulsion Plants
- Sorocam has implemented a monitoring system provided by renowned specialized companies to overcome the problem of specific emissions and immissions of dust, organic and inorganic compounds and to protect the environment. This system allows us to continuously monitor our emissions and identify potential problems and take timely action to reduce our environmental impact.

A high-performance, competitive and sustainable network across the country:

- Benninghoven TBA160U station with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h located in Bucharest (Popești Leordeni);
- IMA80 station manufactured in Romania with a mixing capacity of 80 t/h located in Cluj (Gilău);
- MARINI160 station with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h located in Arad.