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Health and safety

For us, Sorocam employees, health and safety is a top priority with our two programs, OneSafety and Zero Accidents.
Our aim is to strengthen a culture of health and safety in all our activities and among all our employees.
Sorocam is committed to harnessing its human capital. We are constantly working to provide exemplary working conditions for all our employees by minimising risks to their health and safety.
In addition, our approach to security and crisis management helps protect our workforce and our business.

Developing a health and safety culture

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. We prioritise the health and safety of our employees and comply with the laws in force in the area where we operate. We have set ourselves the goal of achieving "Zero Accidents" and are taking continuous steps to improve our performance in this area.

In addition, we run ad hoc prevention and awareness programmes, providing our employees with equipment tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to preventing occupational injuries and illnesses and protecting the health and well-being of our employees by promoting a safe and healthy working environment.


Involvement is a key component of the OneSafety program, which includes all Colas leaders and employees in the development and implementation of workplace health and safety policies and practices.

Through effective communication, appropriate training and consultation with employees and subcontractors, everyone is encouraged to be involved in the process of identifying and controlling workplace risks.

In addition, monitoring workplace health and safety performance and continually improving it through feedback and auditing processes is crucial to ensuring the success of the OneSafety programme.

Security and crisis management

We are constantly concerned with identifying and preventing key risks that could affect our business and our employees. Through a pro-active approach, we try to anticipate crisis situations and take the necessary measures to minimise their impact.

To be prepared in case of emergencies, we conduct regular preparedness exercises and crisis simulations. They allow us to identify and correct any weaknesses in our crisis management procedures and improve our response to unforeseen situations.

In addition, we have a business continuity plan in place at all times to ensure that we can continue our core business in the event of a crisis or force majeure.
Safety Week is an important event for our company. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of workplace safety and health and encourage employees to take proactive steps to prevent accidents and incidents.

LOTOTO - blocking and tagging

LOTOTO training is essential for all employees working on machinery and equipment, including mechanics, electricians, engineers and other maintenance personnel. They need to understand the specific procedures for locking and tagging energy and be able to apply them properly.

Through LOTOTO training, employees can take responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them during maintenance or repair work. They can thus avoid accidents, protect their health and reduce costs associated with equipment damage and production delays.