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Central testing laboratory

Sorocam has a Central Testing Laboratory, equipped with modern technology and staffed by qualified personnel with extensive experience, which tests the technical characteristics of construction materials (asphalt mixtures, bituminous emulsions and natural aggregates for construction) under optimal conditions. The tests are carried out according to the regulations of the European and Romanian standards in force, thus ensuring the quality and durability of the products supplied by Sorocam.

Modern plant and machinery in line with European standards

- Quality control of construction materials is carried out with modern equipment for testing mineral aggregates, bituminous binders and asphalt mixes.
- The development of asphalt mix recipes is carried out by qualified personnel in the field and constantly monitored by our team of specialists.
- Production control and verification of asphalt mixes are carried out by means of modern laboratory equipment, which is calibrated and regularly checked according to European standards.
- The verification of our products during operation through field tests is carried out with state-of-the-art equipment so that we can quickly identify any deficiencies and remedy them in a timely manner.
- Studies, statistics and interpretations are carried out in the laboratory with modern analytical equipment, allowing us to obtain accurate and relevant data.

Testing our products

- We frequently test all our products, from the aggregates used in the mix, to the bitumen emulsion and asphalt mix, to ensure that we offer top quality products. .

Colloidal mill

- Our laboratory differentiates itself by using colloidal mill (Emulbitume) to manufacture bituminous emulsions.
- This method is used for research purposes on the compatibility of component materials and to translate the results into practice on an industrial scale.

Choice of suppliers - a significant impact on product quality

We use only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected and tested before using them in our production process to ensure that they meet our specifications and that the finished products are sustainable.

The quality of materials is extremely important for any road or motorway construction project.

The benefits of quality asphalt mixes produced by Sorocam:

- Road safety: High quality asphalt mix provides better adhesion to the road surface, which reduces the risk of road accidents and noise.

- Better stability: High-quality asphalt mix provides better stability and can prevent potholes and cracks in the road surface.

- Environmental impact - Lower quality asphalt mix may be less resistant to water and water infiltration, which can lead to drainage problems and groundwater pollution. Higher quality asphalt mix can be more water resistant and reduce environmental impact.

The benefits of quality bitumen emulsion produced by Sorocam:

- Better adhesion to aggregate and existing asphalt mix surfaces.
- Durability and resistance: High quality emulsions offer better resistance to traffic and weather damage.
- Savings: The use of high quality bitumen emulsion can lead to significant savings in road maintenance and repair costs as roads will last longer and will not require as frequent repairs.

The benefits of quality quarry aggregates produced by Sorocam:

- Durability: Quality aggregates produced by Sorocam are resistant to wear and fragmentation, which means that the construction works in which they are used and the surfaces built with them will have a longer life.
- Natural crushed quarry aggregates resistant to fragmentation, wear, freeze/thaw used in the manufacture of asphalt mixes for road construction increase the operational performance of the asphalt pavement and thus the service life of the road system.
- Environmental protection: High-quality aggregates can reduce environmental impact by reducing the amount of dust and noise emitted during construction and traffic.

Test profiles

D - Roads

MD - Road materials

ANCFD - Natural aggregates for CF and Road works

Quality Assurance and Certification

Since 2006, Sorocam has implemented the Integrated Management System: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work, thus recognising its efforts and results in this field.
Following the implementation of this system, Sorocam has received certifications from the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance - SRAC CERT, according to the standards:
- SR EN ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System,
- SR EN ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System and
- SR EN ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Certification according to SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and SR EN ISO 14001:2015 standards attests that Sorocam has an effective quality and environmental management system, meeting legal requirements and those of its customers.

At the same time, certification to SR EN ISO 45001:2018 demonstrates Sorocam's commitment to protecting the health and safety of its employees and to minimising risks in terms of occupational safety.

We are proud to be recognised as meeting European quality, environmental and occupational health and safety standards. The implementation of the Integrated Management System has enabled our company to continuously improve its performance and provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, while respecting the environment and protecting the health and safety of our employees.