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Production and sale of quality road materials

Sorocam is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions based on pure and modified bitumen, with a wide range of applications in road and special constructions as well as road maintenance. These emulsions are produced and delivered from our own plants, with high quality standards and using the best materials and technologies available. Whatever the project requirements, Sorocam offers the highest quality cationic and anionic bituminous emulsions that can be used for a wide range of construction jobs, including road and highway paving, civil and industrial construction, road maintenance and more. Our team of experts also provides technical advice and support in choosing the best solution for your project, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and excellent results.



Advantages offered by Sorocam:

• recognised product quality;
- transport of bitumen emulsion in 24 tonne tanker for orders over 20 to;
- rental of storage tanks for bituminous emulsion at customers' sites, thus offering after-sales services;
- flexibility in fulfilling orders;
- More than 30 years of experience of Sorocam employees in bitumen emulsion production.

Modern Facilities

- High performance Colas homogeniser;
- Pumps with infinitely variable flow control from the control panel;
- Accuracy of dosing and temperature control of components;
- Development of own recipes in the Sorocam Central Laboratory.

Emulsion production

Sorocam produces various types of cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions based on pure and modified bitumen:
- EBCR60 (C60B2) - priming;
- EBCR65 (C65B2), EBmCR65(C65BP2) - bituminous primers and treatments;
- EBCL(C60B5) - in-situ recycling;
- EBmCL (C65BP5) - cold poured thin bituminous layers (slurry seal - bituminous slam);
- EBAL (anionic emulsion) - waterproofing or special applications.

A high-performance, competitive and sustainable network across the country:

- Benninghoven TBA160U station with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h located in Bucharest (Popești Leordeni);
- IMA80 station manufactured in Romania with a mixing capacity of 80 t/h located in Cluj (Gilău);
- MARINI160 station with a mixing capacity of 160 t/h located in Arad.

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Declaration of performance issued by the manufacturer;
The products are certified according to SR EN 138008: 2013.