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Production and sale of crushed natural aggregates

Sorocam provides production and delivery of high-quality natural crushed aggregates from Revărsarea Quarry, designed for transportation infrastructure works (asphalt pavements, bituminous treatments, foundations, embankments, railway ballast), civil construction, structural works, and hydraulic engineering. Our team of specialists always ensures product quality and compliance with European standards in the production, processing, and delivery of aggregates to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.



Advantages offered by Sorocam:

• recognised product quality;
- product diversity in line with customer requirements;
• Production capacity for large-scale road infrastructure projects: 5,000 tons per day.
• Loading facility for aggregates onto barges - river transport - capacity of 200 tons per hour.
• Road and maritime transportation on any route.

Production of aggregates

• Crushed sand 0/4 mm - for concrete, asphalt mixtures used in road construction, airports, and other traffic areas.
• Aggregates (4/8mm, 8/16mm, 16/22.4 (31.5mm)) - for asphalt mixtures and concrete in civil construction, roads, and civil engineering works.
• Crushed stone (0/22.4 (31.5) mm, 0/40mm, 0/63mm, 22.4 (31.5)/45mm, 22.4 (31.5)/63mm, 40/63mm) - for foundations, macadam and embankments.
• Crushed stone CF (31.5/50mm, 31.5/63mm) - for railway infrastructure.
• Sorted and unsorted raw stone - for shore protection works.

The aggregates produced by Sorocam offer advantages for their use in road and highway construction, as well as in other construction projects that require durable and resistant materials.

Durability and environmental impact: Diabase (a variety of basalt) is a hard rock that is resistant to fragmentation, wear, and freeze/thaw cycles. When used in civil and road constructions, it increases their lifespan, indirectly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
- Quality: The crushed and sorted natural aggregates from diabase provide superior strength to cement concrete and asphalt mixtures.

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Certificates of conformity
of the factory production control and AFER approval:

• 2003-CPR-89 - (SR) EN 12620:2003+A1:2008 - Aggregates for concrete
• 2003-CPR-90 - (SR) EN 13043:2002; (SR) EN 13043:2003/AC:2004 - Aggregates for bituminous mixtures
• 2003-CPR-91 - (SR) EN 13242:2003+A1:2007 - Aggregates for bound and unbound mixtures
• 2003-CPR-798- (SR) EN 13383-1:2002, (SR) EN 13383-1:2002/AC:2004 - Aggregates for rock fillers
• 2003-CPR-372 (SR) EN 13450:2002; (SR) EN 13450:2003/AC:2004 - Aggregates for ballasting of railway tracks
• Railway supplier authorisation for broken stone produced at the Revărsarea quarry, county of. Tulcea
• Railway technical approval certificate for crushed stone produced at the Revărsarea quarry, county of. Tulcea issued by the Romanian Railway Authority
• AFER authorization for the testing laboratory of the Revărsarea quarry, jud. Tulcea